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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Taxi! Taxi!



SQA Grand Prize, 2009; Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment and Economic Development, 2008

Taxi! Taxi! is the largest, oldest, locally-owned and operated taxicab company in Santa Monica, serving the city's finest hotels, restaurants, businesses, residents and visitors for over eighteen years. In 2007, Taxi! Taxi! was the first cab company in LA County to debut Hybrid cabs and remains the leader in the LA market with the largest fleet, now 10 strong. Taxi! Taxi's Hybrids save over 700 tons of toxic GHGs from polluting our planet and over 60,000 gallons of gasoline annually. The brilliant and efficient paperless dispatching system saves close to one million pieces of paper annually. Taxi! Taxi! demonstrates its commitment to Santa Monica's Sustainable City Plan by maintaining local headquarters in Santa Monica, shopping locally, actively participating in community events, and supporting many local non-profits, namely its title charity the Westside Food Bank. Each Taxi! Taxi! employee is currently enrolled in University course(s) to improve skill sets which ultimately strengthens business operations. Employees also enjoy flex time schedules, health benefits, paid vacation, and work from home options when feasible.

Three Squares, Inc.

Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2013

Three Squares Inc. (TSI) is an environmental consulting firm that designs sustainability into the internal and external DNA of organizations. TSI is a Santa Monica Green Certified Business. They consult companies using their Corporate Sustainability Program™ to engage employees, and organize sustainable events and marketing campaigns. TSI's 2012 Women in Green Forum was the first US conference to demonstrate compliance with ISO 20121, the new international standard for event sustainability. TSI is hosting a class for 6-9 year olds on EcoLiving at Santa Monica PAL in the spring.

Tiato & An Catering

SQA Grand Prize, 2013

Tiato & An Catering offers eco-chic dining, a retail market and catering services. They hire locally and procure sustainable goods. The company promotes employee wellness and professional development by providing tuition assistance, wellness discounts, team building and internal training opportunities. Tiato is located in a LEED certified building and is a Santa Monica Certified Green Business. The restaurant hosts biodynamic and organically grown wine tasting, recycles used kitchen oil into hand soap, and integrates environmental practices through training. Tiato partners with Carbonfund.org – by connecting tree planting with restaurant promotions.

Trader Joe's - Store #6

Excellence Award, 2000; Excellence Award in Sustainable Economic Development and Social Responsibility, 2001

Trader Joe’s Store #6 opened its doors at 3215 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica in October 1998. Trader Joe’s provides a variety of premium foods and household products, including organic foods and a selection of environmentally friendly products such as personal care items and recycled paper products. Over 90% of shoppers come from Santa Monica or zip codes immediately adjacent, keeping local dollars in the local economy. The store attracts over 2000 customers per day and has generated spillover business for nearby enterprises on the Pico corridor. Trader Joe’s is an active participant in the Pico Improvement Organization, a business/resident organization working to resolve problems facing residents and businesses along Pico, and has taken a leading role in creating the Pico Boulevard Business Improvement District. The store donates food to the Second Harvest Food Bank and donates product and staff time to a variety of local events and charities. Employees receive competitive wages and benefits and work in an enjoyable team atmosphere. Visit Trader Joe’s Store #6 at 3215 Pico Boulevard. For more information contact Jim Stebbinger at 310 445-9062.


Grand Prize 2019

Tradesy, established in 2012, is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace where women buy and sell luxury fashion from their closets.  Headquartered in Santa Monica, female owned and operated, their mission is to create job opportunities for women by closing the recycling loop. Tradesy demonstrates a commitment to employees work-life balance through established policies around remote working, flexible schedules, providing training/ education, and being dog-friendly. All full-time employees own stock in the company. Allowing staff to volunteer each quarter to ‘give back’ is an expectation – not an option.  Employees receive healthy catered zero waste lunches, and can participate in a “Thanks a latte” program for positive feedback.  Leftover food is donated to the Westside Food Bank.  In line with their business model of ‘reusing’ items, Tradesy's strong commitment to sustainability is lead by management. In the last year, the Tradesy Green Team, reduced water consumption by 22%, increased waste diversion by 30% after implementing composting, and performed lighting retrofits.