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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Back on the Beach Cafe

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2017

Nestled on a wide stretch of sandy beach, Back on the Beach Café offers meals featuring local and seasonal cuisine with breathtaking views of the ocean, Santa Monica Mountains, and Catalina Island. Back on the Beach sources Mary’s organic free range chicken from Pitman Family Farms near Fresno. In addition, they regularly procure seasonal veggies, organic eggs and coffee.  Back on the Beach diverts over 70% of their waste from landfill via Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. They stock bottle box containers made from 100% plastic bottles. New employees receive one-on-one orientations with an emphasis on environmental practices in addition to food safety and sanitation. All employees are properly trained on the separation of organics (food waste), mixed recycling, and trash.  In addition to new hire's orientation, environmental topics, are ALWAYS on staff meeting agendas. Employees who walk, bike, use public transit or carpool are rewarded with prize drawings.


Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2017

Beautycounter’s mission is simply to get safer products into the hands of everyone. They demonstrate their commitment to go beyond what is required by U.S. law by banning the use of more than 1,500 harmful chemicals through their "Never List”—while ensuring their products perform as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market.

Beautycounter offsets both energy and water consumption through Renewable Energy Certificates and Water Restoration Certificates. In 2015, they offset 100% of their energy consumption and 120% of their water footprint. Beyond that, Beautycounter  increased their energy efficiency by switching to LED lighting facility wide.  As a certified B Corporation, they work with suppliers to improve packaging materials and perform a Life Cycle Assessment for all our packaging options, using the LCA software COMPASS.

Bike and Park Santa Monica

Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2014

Bike and Park Santa Monica’s mission is to inspire people to ride bicycles for the benefit of one’s health, spirit, and planet. They set themselves apart from competitors by offering product diversity, such as unique bicycle models and accessory products. They focus on providing customer service beyond their direct business operations. Bike and Park has a profit-sharing policy in place for all staff members. On high grossing days, like busy weekends and holidays, employees are paid an increased hourly amount.

Binder Minardos Builders

Special Recognition, 1996

No additional information at this time

Blair Graphics

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment and Economic Development, 2009

Blair Graphics has been offering printing and digital services for over fifty years in Santa Monica. They demonstrate excellent Sustainable Economic Development by keeping up with innovative printing and graphic design services. Blair Graphics took an aggressive role in responding to customer needs by initiating a 'Green Program'. This service works with clients on identifying sustainable solutions for their presentation and marketing materials such as printing on both sides of posters and making scratch pads out of draft printed paper. They were amongst the first printers in Los Angeles to invest in new large Format Color Toner Based equipment to enable good quality prints on recycled content paper. Blair Graphics is a participant in Sustainable Works Business Greening Program.

Border Grill

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2008

The Border Grill, featuring authentic Mexican cuisine, is a women-owned restaurant of celebrity chefs, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. Their environmental stewardship includes purchasing only locally grown ingredients, including certified organic rice, beans and avocados and fair-trade coffee. In efforts to reduce the use of plastic bottles, they purchased a water purification system that provides chilled sparkling and still water and serve in reusable glass bottles and / or jugs.

Jesse Bornstein Architecture

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2008

Jesse Bornstein Architecture has been a leader in environmental design since 1989. Their "Green on 19" project in Santa Monica is the first market-rate multi-family green-build project on the Westside of Los Angeles. They strive to make all their projects as environmentally sound as possible. More than 60% of construction and demolition waste generated by their projects is diverted from landfill through recycling and reuse of materials. Their office landscaping demonstrates drought-tolerant xeriscaping, including a mixture of native species that resist pest infestation.

Bravo Cucina and Pizzeria

Excellence Awards in Stewardship of the Natural Environmental, 2004

Bridgid Coulter Design

Excellence Awards in Stewardship of the Natural Environmental, 2012

Bridgid Coulter Design (BCD) is a residential and commercial interior design firm specializing in full service residential, boutique hospitality and interior design consultation. Sustainable practices are implemented in their design projects as well as the studio in which they work. Contractors salvage materials from demolitions to reuse in other projects. For example, the company repurposed a concrete driveway, cutting the slab into stepping stones throughout the project, eliminating almost 50 concrete pads from being hauled. In addition, BCD donates or repurposes any unused furniture for charity projects. For furniture and shipping deliveries, they hire local companies to wrap items in reusable blankets and eliminate the use of disposable packaging. In their own office, BCD procures all sustainable products from 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper to ZERO VOC paints on their walls. Bridgid Coulter Design’s mission states; “We believe great design enhances the health, mood and wellbeing of all who experience it and will innovate and adjust at every opportunity to create designs that inspire conversation, demand reflection, bring delight and respect the planet.

Bru's Wiffle Joint

Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2013

Bru's Wiffle is a cozy, Waffle Joint where everything is made from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Bru's Wiffle practices zero waste by composting food scraps, reusing empty cleaning chemical containers and recycling used cooking oil for SMMUSD buses. They participated in Sustainable Works' Business Greening Program and achieved Green Business Certification in 2011. A member of the Buy Local Santa Monica campaign, Bru's Wiffle donates to the Santa Monica Fire Department, local schools and charities.

Bryan Cave LLP

Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2014

SQA Grand Prize, 2009

Bryan Cave LLP, employing 135 people in their Santa Monica office for 25 years, is a full service international law firm. For seven years they have been voted one of the “Best Places to Work in LA” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. They provide many family friendly policies such as paid parental leave with same privileges for domestic partners. They host an annual Staff Appreciation Week. They give back to the community by donating to many charitable causes and events.

Bubble Beach Laundromat

Excellence Awards in Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship, 2005

This creative business offers "Wash and Walk Service" where customers was and they do the drying and folding; this innovative service supports the local economy by allowing time to shop on Main Street. They are also a head of the game for selling eco-friendly detergents - even in bulk!


Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2009

Business.com is the leading business search engine, directory and pay-per-click advertising network, targeting over 40 million online business buyers. Business.com demonstrates excellent social responsibility by having an open-door policy among all management, offering excellent employee benefits including but not limited to tuition assistance up to $1k/ year, referral services for family assistance programs and Lunch N' Learn opportunities ranging from "How to be greener at home and in the office", to "First-time homebuyers' workshops". Leftover foods are donated weekly to Santa Monica West Side Food Bank. The company pioneered an employee 'Green Team' in 2006, consisting of roughly a dozen employees with a mission to introduce and sustain efficient business operations in order to obtain Santa Monica Green Business Certification (www.smgbc.org).