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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Caffe Bellagio

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment and Social Responsibility, 2016

Locanda del Lago's annex location on 3rd Street Promenade, is a panini and coffee house serving homemade gelato and sorbets made with seasonal fruits from the Santa Monica's Farmers' Market.  From flexible scheduling, competitive wages, and annual employee appreciation parties, it is apparent Caffé Bellagio greatly values their staff.  The caffe’ enjoys a 25% turnover for staff in 2015 compared to the 62.6% average turnover rate for the restaurant industry reported by NRA. Green business certified since 2014, Caffe Bellagio incorporates an Environment Commitment policy in their company handbook detailing their focus on resource efficiency, buying recycled and buying local. In the summertime during busy tourism season, Caffé Bellagio works closely with both college students from Italy and local students from the CIA Culinary Academy to fill seasonal positions.

California Organic Cotton Company

Excellence Awards in Economic Development and Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 1999

This progressive retailer offers clothing, accessories, and home furnishings made of organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials. It has grown from a small Venice Beach vendor in 1991 to a prominent retailer on the Third Street Promenade today. With 6000 products in stock and over 400 suppliers, COCC has helped develop a market for a wide variety of environmentally friendly products. Organic cotton, the hallmark product line of the company, is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and is processed without harmful bleaches or dyes. Hemp naturally requires no chemicals to grow, requires less water than other crops, and is processed into products using less chemicals. The store even carries garments from fabric made of recycled plastic soda bottles. COCC's environmental commitment is also demonstrated in the design of the shop, which uses recycled materials in most of the fixtures and displays.

California Recycles

Great Start Award, 2005; Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2006; Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment and Excellence in Economic Development, 2007

California Recycles is a registered electronic waste collector located in West Los Angeles. This business prevents various electronic items such as cell phones, computers and printers from ending up in landfill by recycling the items and/or refurbishing where possible for resale or charity donations. In 2006, they collected 456,601 pounds of electronic waste - diverting almost 228 tons of hazardous materials from landfill! They also provide electronic waste recycling services for local municipalities and businesses as well as facilitate electronic waste collection events throughout the community.

California Recycles won the Great Start Award in 2005 for pioneering a cell phone recycling program that offers businesses the opportunity to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

Cal Star Equities

Excellence Award, 2000

No additional information at this time.

Capital Intelligence Associates

SQA Grand Prize, 2015

Capital Intelligence Associates (CIA) is a full service wealth management firm designed to help clients address the challenge of today’s complex regulated financial landscape in a conscientious manner. CIA advocates investing with moral intelligence and the benefits of socially responsible financial planning that positively impacts well-being of clients and the causes they care about. CIA is a small business that thinks BIG. They implement sustainable practices within their office walls – and beyond by engaging other tenants to do the same. They give back to the community by allowing staff to volunteer during paid time and donating over 10% of their bottom line to charitable organizations.

Central Parking

Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2013

Central Parking is a professional parking management firm operating nation-wide in structures, open lots and pay-by-space lots. The company prioritizes internal promotions and also collaborates with Santa Monica College to hire students. Central Parking cares for its employees by offering generous leaves, profit-sharing, 401(k) options and rewarding employees through In Celebration of You Day. Central Parking supports the Santa Monica community with alternative transportation solutions, and providing bike valet services for local events.

Cleaner by Nature

Special SQA Pioneer Award, 1996; Sustainable Quality Award, 1997

Cleaner by Nature is a garment cleaning company that offers an environmentally-preferable alternative to dry cleaning. The cleaning process used at Cleaner By Nature replaces the chlorinated petroleum solvent perchloroethylene used in dry cleaning with computer-driven equipment and biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, non-toxic soap products. This process safely cleans all fabrics, including those labeled Adry clean only@, while eliminating the pollution and hazards associated with the use of perchloroethylene. Cleaner by Nature opened in Santa Monica in February 1996 and has fifteen full-and part-time employees. Cleaner By Nature was awarded a Sustainable Quality Award in 1997 and a Special SQA Pioneer Award in 1996. For more information, contact Deborah Davis, Owner, at (310) 315-1520.

Commonwealth Energy

Excellence Award, 2000

No additional information at this time.

Community Corporation of Santa Monica

Excellence Award in Social Responsibility, 2015; Excellence in Economic Development, 2009; Excellence Award in Social Responsibility, 2001

Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM) is a non-profit organization committed to developing and managing 1470 affordable housing units in Santa Monica. CCSM strives to provide a welcoming, equitable and supportive work environment for staff. They value employees by offering 4 weeks’ vacation, and a 9/80 work schedule. One of CCSM’s objectives is to provide job skills and opportunities to people of limited means, and they meet this through hiring resident managers qualifying for CCSM housing.


SQA Grand Prize, 2010; Sustainable Quality Award, 1996; Excellence Award for Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 1998; Sustainable Quality Award, 1999; Excellence Award, 2000; Excellence Awards in Stewardship of the Natural and Built Environment and Social Responsibility, 2001; Sustainable Quality Award, 2002

Co-opportunity is a natural foods grocer providing natural and organic foods to Santa Monica and the surrounding area since 1974. They were the first grocery store on the Westside to install a two-kilowatt, photovoltaic solar power system– back in 1999! They have a storewide purchasing policy to obtain organic products and locally California grown produce whenever possible. During staff trainings and meetings, they educate employees on current environmental issues such as the Pacific Gyre, commonly referred to as the “Pacific Garbage Patch”. Co-opportunity’s waste diversion has increased approximately 40% since educating and training their staff on recycling procedures. They provide 100% paid medical, dental, life and vision insurance for all full time employees and 95% of their employees are employed full time. Before making changes to their health plan, they check in with employees to ensure the new plan covers their needs. They also offer an Employee Assistance Program for mental health benefit. Co-opportunity hosts weekly Monday night speaker’s series and semi-regular lectures at the Santa Monica Public Library. Co-opportunity also administers two $1,000 grants to local non-profit organizations every year.