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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Eco Limo



SQA Grand Prize, 2007

Eco-Limo is a car service providing premium, luxury, ecological, chauffeured ground transportation services. Their fleet of hybrid, CNG, and biodiesel fueled vehicles deliver impeccable service for a fraction of the environmental toll of the competition. The entire Eco-Limo fleet’s CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions are offset via TerraPass program. A traditional fleet of gasoline-powered cars would emit 138 metric tons of CO2 annually. By operating only hybrid and alternatively fueled vehicles, they prevent 79 metric tons on CO2 from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.


Sustainable Quality Award, 2006

EDSA is an international landscape architecture and planning firm that offers Ecological and Ecotourism Planning for large-scale resort deigns which incorporate sustainable education and resource efficiency. The Santa Monica office introduced EDSA's first "green team," which originally aimed to bring sustainability into all office operations by implementing formal policies and mission statements, and has grown to encompass the firm's local and international projects. EDSA Santa Monica procures eco-friendly products and services when possible ranging from biodegradable cleaning materials to socially responsible 100% recycled tissue paper manufactured by a company that employs blind Americans.

Edward Thomas Companies

Excellence Awards in Sustainable Economic Development and Social Responsibility, 2001 The Edward Thomas Companies (ETC) owns and operates Hotel Casa Del Mar and Shutters on the Beach hotels, which attract leisure and business travelers from around the world to Santa Monica. In addition to benefiting a wide range of local merchants, these visitors generate considerable occupancy, parking and sales tax revenue for the City of Santa Monica. Together, these hotels employ more than 550 full-time and 50 part-time employees. The minimum wage for non-tipped employees at both hotels is $10.24 per hour. Employees and their families receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes tuition reimbursement, ridesharing incentives, and free English as a second language and Spanish as a second languages classes, in addition to comprehensive health, dental, vision, life insurance and retirement benefits. Charitable community outreach includes support of Chrysalis, sponsorship of Sojourn and its training programs on domestic violence prevention, “adoption” of two local elementary schools to assist with resource and educational development, and donations to the Red Cross, Westside Food Bank, and the Westside Women’s Health Center, among others. For additional information contact ETC at 310 859-9366.

Euphoria Loves RAWvolution

Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2006

Euphoria is the first and only raw, vegan market in the USA. Currently, about 95% of all foods are USDA certified organic. They require all of their vendors to stock certified organic alternatives and reusable or recyclable shipping material. During building renovations, they separated scrap metal and then paid a few dollars to have it picked up for recycling. This diverted 700 pounds of metal from landfill and saved $400 in 'bulky item' waste hauling fees.