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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Excellence in Economic Development and Social Responsibility, 2023

OsteoStrong is an integrative wellness center that focuses on bones, joints, and muscles. Their proprietary technology increases bone and muscle density and reduces joint and back pain through a quick, once-a-week program that works for people of all ages. Their recovery modalities promote healing and optimization on every level. Even as a small company, OsteoStrong demonstrates impressive community programs and a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  They offer industry leading entry-level pay and offer commission on sales for employees when they recruit new clients and members. They also offer bonuses at various times of the year and when they hit a revenue goal. 

To promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, OsteoStrong pays for memberships at three neighborhood facilities for all their team members to enjoy.  OsteoStrong supports flexible paid time off and honors mental health and sick time requests. They regularly donate gift certificates to local and national organizations valuing over $10,000 per year.