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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Pacific Park

Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2010

The world-famous solar-powered Ferris wheel is located on Pacific Park’s amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier. In 2009 the Ferris wheel received a larger-than-life makeover with 160,000 energy-efficient LED lights that complement solar-panels generating more than 71,000-kilowatt hours of renewable photovoltaic power from the sun. Office wide, Pacific Park eliminated distribution of bottled waters to staff in 2008 and installed 2 onsite water filtration dispensers. Employees have their own reusable glasses and mugs to refill. They also have an office-wide and park recycling program for mixed paper, plastic, glass, cans, cardboard, batteries, toner and inkjet cartridges and fluorescent light bulbs. When a ride, like bumper cars, is replaced valuable materials such as steel are recycled. Most cleaning chemicals used in the office and throughout the park are environmentally friendly or Green Seal Certified.

Patagonia, Inc.

Sustainable Quality Award, 1999; Sustainable Quality Award, 2006

Patagonia, Inc. is a designer and distributor of outdoor clothing. Headquartered in Ventura, California, Patagonia is a $160 million company that distributes its products through a mail order catalog and website, through its own retail stores, through an extensive wholesale dealer network in North America, and through international channels based in Japan and Europe. The Santa Monica retail store was opened in 1997 and has 10 full time employees.


Excellence in Economic Development and Social Responsibility, 2013

PayrollCentric TM is a supplier of integrated workforce management solutions, primarily payroll, designed to increase productivity, improve employee retention and reduce expenses. They improved their competitive position in the payroll industry with their innovative "paperless payroll" system currently used by 46% of their customers. In 2012, Payroll Centric partnered with the American Red Cross to help them raise funds on a continuous basis; they are the only payroll company in the United States to develop this kind of relationship with a charity.

Perry's at the beach

SQA Grand Prize 2014

Perry’s Cafés & Beach Rentals has been an integral part of the Los Angeles beach scene and an icon in the local beach community for over 36 years. To keep competitive, they offer various beach and bike rentals and healthy meal options. By including many plant-based dishes on their menu, Perry’s supports Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food Movement. Their organic quinoa salad won ‘best sustainable foods dish” at the City’s fourth annual (2013) Buy Local Expo. Their four Santa Monica locations together divert 65-70% of valuable materials from landfills through recycling and food waste composting. Perry’s supports the local community by sponsoring many events spanning from Heal the Bay to the Boys and Girls Club. All employees are paid above minimum wage, and receive bonuses.


SQA Grand Prize 2014

SQA Grand Prize 2007

Phelps is an integrated marketing communications agency offering public relations, advertising, promotions, and marketing consulting services for deserving clients. Phelps, because of their unique model, has been voted “One the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles” consecutively for seven years. The company works with clients whose products and services enrich lives and contribute to a better world. Among their sustainable initiatives, Phelps features an office-wide recycling program, an Environment Task Force, energy-efficient lighting, telecommuting and flex-time options for associates, and financial incentives for employees who use alternative transportation. Phelps received a “Solar Champion” award from the City of Santa Monica in 2007 for investing $320,914 in a major solar panel installation – today, still the largest private commercial solar installation in Santa Monica.

Physical Therapyworks'

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2016

Since 1996 Physical Therapyworks’ has dedicated therapists that perform comprehensive evaluations so they can provide exceptional treatment skills to help reach their patients goals. They also offer a Wellness and Performance Program ranging from meditation to manual therapy, and yoga.  Physical Therapyworks participated in Edison’s Direct Install program in 2014 and received a free lighting retrofit facility wide. They also applied window film in order to reduce solar heat gain, and installed a programmable thermostat with cooling set to 74 degrees. These measures alone reduced their annual energy use by 10%. Company Environmental policies include non-toxic cleaners, water efficiency, waste diversion and incentives for employee ridesharing such as communizing to work by foot and bicycle. As such, Physical Therapyworks installed a bike rack for patients and clients.

Pluralistic School #1

SQA Grand Prize, 2018; SQA Grand Prize, 2011; Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2009; Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Built Environment, 1999

PS#1 Elementary School emphasizes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to fostering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to build a sustainable world for present and future generations. PS#1 incorporates environmental sustainability into all aspects of the institution including curriculum, professional development, student life, physical operations, procurement, construction, and renovations. Students are taught through hands-on experiences in a sustainable environment as a basis to understand and form humanitarian behaviors. Green building features include a natural ventilation system, playing field consisting of artificial turf that requires no water, and energy efficient lighting systems throughout the campus. PS#1 created an on-line carpool map that displays where everyone in the community lives to facilitate car-pooling. This innovative application increased carpooling by 38%. After school day care is provided free of charge to all employees for their school-aged children. Health and Dental policies go above and beyond legal requirements and include dependents, spouses and significant others. The faculty is evaluated twice a year to focus on their feelings, concerns, and evaluation of communication and productivity. The Meaningful Faculty Evaluation Program seeks to support the school mission by sustaining organizational excellence, enhancing student learning, and improving faculty professional growth, based on the adage, "The rising tide lifts all boats."

Pugh and Scarpa

Leadership Award for Sustainable Design, 2005

This architectural firm designed Colorado Court, a single resident occupancy housing project. This is one of the first buildings of its type in the USA that is 100% energy independent.