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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Pioneer Award, 2008

M3house is an innovative developer of sustainable and affordable housing. They receive the Pioneer Award for their cutting edge prototype model called M3house which is a sustainable, affordable, factory built home made from recycled, reclaimed and reused materials. The M3house mission is to introduce a zero-energy home by designing to take advantage of natural resources such as solar, thermo mass and cross ventilation.

Maguire Thomas Partners (MGM Plaza)

Honorable Mention, 1996

No additional information at this time

Mäni's Bakery

Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural and Built Environment, 2003

Since 1989 Mäni’s Bakery has been satisfying discriminating palates and sweet-tooths with cakes, cookies, pastries and breads, baked from high quality, natural, less-refined ingredients. Then in the mid 1990s, following the same philosophy Mäni’s began its restaurant as well.

It’s the quality of the food and wholesome goodness of the ingredients that makes Mäni’s a destination for Angelenos: organic flour in all of our baking, a choice of sweeteners, including fruit juice reduction, granulated maple syrup, organic cane sugar, agave syrup and more. All of these ingredients let Mäni’s serve up an array of tempting baked goods that are not overly processed. They bring out the product’s true taste like our real chocolate sweetened with barley malt. The results are delicious, healthier versions of traditional foods for the health conscious connoisseur.

Media Policy Center

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2012

Media Policy Center (MPC) is a media foundation dedicated to building better communities through empowering productions and localized outreach.

All of the foundation’s documentaries and TV series promote environmental change through the adoption of sustainable best practices. Notable productions are Eden’s Lost & Found – a 4-hour PBS documentary set in four American cities. Their current project, Designing Healthy Communities, looks at how our built environment links to the rapidly deteriorating public health of the majority of US citizens such as obesity, diabetes, heart, asthma, cancer and depression. In addition, their Going to Green educational series addresses many aspects of sustainability from Watershed Management to Green Building, to Green Collar careers (and more!) The series is used by many educational institutions – including Santa Monica College. MPC practices in-house what they produce for the screen. When establishing MPC, the founders made a point of having a work space close to their homes. The foundation promotes sustainable purchasing and local errands by foot, bike or public transportation. MPC’s answer to how they go about offering employee training about environmental issues is, “We eat, breathe, and sleep environmental sustainability.”


Excellence in Economic Development, 2011

MINARC is a Santa Monica-based design studio that specializes in modern, innovative and sustainable architecture. The company has three primary products and services:

1) mnmMOD: (AKA M3house) is a mass-customizable modular manufacturing system that delivers sustainable and affordable efficient design for the net-zero energy building market.

2) MINARC Architecture: Founded by Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdottir, Assoc. AIA, and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, Assoc. AIA, MINARC’s projects range from new construction to renovations; residential and commercial. MINARC, a play on "minimalism in architecture", focuses on emphasizing the relationship between architecture and nature and minimizing impact and waste through creative use of innovative materials.

3) MINARC also expands into the living environment with the creation of RUBBISH -a household sink made entirely from recycled rubber tires. MINARC practices sustainable architecture by letting the natural environment guide all aspects of a design and embrace the power of wind, sun and water. Their innovative use of materials such as cement panels, pebble stones and recycled tires gives new life to materials and manufacturers while minimizing impact on the environment.

MTV Networks

Honorable Mention for Stewardship of the Environment 2008

MTV Networks is recognized for their efforts in greening all their facilities and operations including comprehensive recycling programs, integrating post-consumer content recycled office products and innovative measures such as carbon neutral carpet cleaning.

Morley Builders

Excellence Award, 2000; SQA Grand Prize, 2008

Morley Builders is one of the largest construction and engineering firms in Southern California. They built many LA landmarks, including The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the Santa Monica Main Library. Morley Builders constructs many LEED buildings, and recycles up to 92% of the construction and demolition waste they generate. They run a green office, including a paperless accounting and payroll system and an eco-friendly procurement policy. Employees can work flexible hours to avoid travelling during peak hours. Full-time staff receive a comprehensive medical benefits package, stock bonus plan and 401K program. Morley Builders is also a pillar of the Santa Monica community, giving thousands of dollars each year to local charitable organizations, and paying for employees to do volunteer work.