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Sustainable Quality Award Winners

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Saint John’s Health Center

SQA Grand Prize, 2009

Since its founding in1942 by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Saint John's Health Center has developed a national reputation as an exceptional place for health and healing. They have 340 licensed beds and 228 inpatient staffed beds. They served 164,000 outpatients and treated 31,109 patients in the Emergency Room last year. Saint John's is committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability. They provided clinical training sites for 57 nursing students last year and improved their nurse retention practices resulting in 1 million dollars in savings. They provide on-site child care and opportunities for staff to perform community service. They support local non-profits and provide in-kind services to local clinics. They provided more than 3.9 million dollars in community benefits last year. They have a co-gen facility that produces 95% of the power for the Chan Soon-Shiong building. They save 300,000 gallons of water daily by recycling wastewater from their HVAC. They recycle more than 150 tons of paper and 96 tons of cardboard annually. They have also donated 8 hospital beds to a clinic in Africa which provided the clinic with much needed beds and kept 1.5 tons of waste out of the landfill.


Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2008

Salesforce.com provides on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) systems by delivering innovative technology making it easy to share and manage business information. They encourage employees to take four hours paid volunteer time each month. Salesforce.com has a concept called "1/1/1" model, developed by their President/CEO, whereby the company contributes 1% of profits, 1% equity, and 1% of employee hours back to the communities it serves. Recently, and additional "1%" was added to include the concept of "One with the Earth".

Salon Tru

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2019

Salon Tru Santa Monica is a Green Circle Certified Hair Salon that carries plant based, natural, eco friendly hair products. Green Circle Salons are a network of North American beauty salons committed to reducing the industry’s environmental footprint by instituting a series of recycling and repurposing methods to every aspect of the salon’s daily business. Salon Tru is one of 12 certified salons in LA.

After participating in Sustainable Works Green Business Program and Green Circle, they implemented comprehensive energy, water, waste, and pollution prevention practices. Salon Tru collects materials for recycling and repurposing in 10 bins labeled for paper, plastic, hair, 2 metals, gloves, excess color, cotton, glass, and compost.  Food materials are collected by the City of Santa Monica, remaining are sent to Green Circle’s US centers. Their hair recycling efforts are excellent!

Sanford – Papermate

Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural and Built Environment, 2001

Sanford-Papermate (formerly the Gillette Company Stationery Products Group) manufactures ball-point pens, felt tip pens, markers and pencils under the Papermate brand name at its facility in Santa Monica. The facility employs approximately 700 full-time employees and has been in operation since 1957. The company has reduced hazardous emissions at the facility by 98% since 1987, and has eliminated ozone-depleting compounds and other chemicals from its manufacturing process. The facility has increased energy efficiency 40% and water efficiency 51% since 1990 and is pursuing an additional 7% reduction in electricity use for 2001. An in-house waste reduction program targets plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, computers, steel, wood, construction materials, oil and packaging for reuse or recycling. Papermate has received numerous environmental awards including the Clean Air Award from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, WRAP awards from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for waste reduction every year since 1994, and WRAP of the Year in 1998 for being one of the State’s 10 top recycling facilities.

Santa Monica Bank

Special Recognition, 1996

No additional information at this time

Santa Monica Community College

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2016; Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2009

Santa Monica Community College offers students the ability to achieve an associate degree, transfer to a 4 year institution or acquire the skills to enter a chosen field of work. Since 2000, SMC has been addressing campus sustainability through facilities as well as academics. All future buildings are planned to be LEED Gold, 470 kW of solar are installed, over 10,000 light fixtures were upgraded, cisterns can capture100,000 gallons of rainwater, and their Organic Garden has 16-plots. In addition Sustainability is one of five Institutional Learning Outcomes, students can earn certificates in Solar Installation, Energy Efficiency and Recycling, 6 eco-clubs and a Student Greening program generate over 1,000 volunteer hours for local eco-organizations. Vermi-worms compost 250 lbs of cafeteria scraps weekly, and almost 70% of students get to campus by sustainable modes.  SMC recently earned the Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly University award.

Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau

SQA Grand Prize, 2013

Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau (SMCVB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Santa Monica as a travel destination. Tourism is a key component to a sustainable economy in Santa Monica with visitor spending generating $1.3 billion to our local economy annually. SMCVB supports Santa Monica's hospitality workforce by offering a free customer service training and recently launched a community recognition program called The Thelma Parks Tourism Spirit Award. A founding partner of the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, SMCVB's environmental policies include energy efficiency, natural lighting and company bikes. SMCVB also encourages visitors to go car-free through biketineraries and green transportation guidance.

Santa Monica Daily Press

Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2014

Santa Monica Daily Press is a free, daily newspaper that captures the life of the local community since 2001. SMDP is an active member of Buy Local Santa Monica. Employees volunteer during paid hours for charities like Meals on Wheels, receive health insurance, and free gym memberships. Their Ride Sharing Program offers monetary incentives for staff to walk carpool or bike to work. Newspapers are printed on100% recycled content, using soy-based inks. They were the first Daily paper in the country, to provide a free, PDF version online.

Santa Monica Family YMCA

Excellence Award, 1997

No additional information at this time

Santa Monica Hybrid - The Hybrid Shop

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2015

Santa Monica Hybrid is the first SoCal certified hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) center, specializing in hybrid auto repair service. This shop conserves natural resources in many ways such as filtering their waste water through a 3 stage clarifier, installing double thermal-insulated walls and ceiling, and offering a supplies take-back program. Communications between customer, technicians and service desk are paperless. Santa Monica Hybrid provides a free EV car battery charging station for community use.

Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District 

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2019

SMMUSD serves the coastal communities of Santa Monica and Malibu. With over 11,000 students in preschool through 12th grade, SMMUSD encompasses 10 elementary schools, two middle schools, one middle / high school, one comprehensive high school, and a continuation high school.

The SMMUSD Sustainability Plan provides a comprehensive analysis and tracking of energy and various environmental conservation initiatives led by a full-time Sustainability Coordinator. All energy and solar data can be found on the District energy dashboard - including ongoing LED and equipment upgrades. Highlights of the plan include:

●        procurement of Green Seal Certified products

●        zero waste -materials are separated. Green waste is composted onsite or collected by city.

The district recognizes that climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time and the decisions that the District makes today regarding its contributions to climate change will have a direct impact on the security of tomorrow.

Santa Monica Motel

Excellence in Social Responsiblity, 2019

Located just seven blocks from the beach and accomplishing a recent green building remodel, Santa Monica Motel is an economy motel that offers affordable Westside accommodations. Their above and beyond charitable outreach efforts coupled with providing a positive family-friendly work environment demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility. SM Motel’s above standard employee benefits range from: up to 5% employer match for retirement plans, tuition assistance, financial management, and buss pass reimbursements.

The give a second chance to people that have experienced life hardships by partnering with Chrysalis and 2 Hands 2 Employ. They provide opportunities to local students by participating in Santa Monica College summer job fair. THey give back to Santa Monica with annual financial contributions to local nonprofits and allowing employees to participate in Heal the Bay beach clean ups.


Santa Monica Museum of Art

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2014

Through its exhibitions, education, and outreach programs, the Santa Monica Museum of Art fosters diversity, innovation, and discovery in contemporary art. SMMoA has been a Green Certified Business through the Arts:Earth Partnership since 2010, which is recognized by Santa Monica's Green Business Certification program. SMMoA purchases at least 25% renewable energy ranging from paper products containing post-consumer recycled content to vintage office furniture. The gift shop, GRACIE, promotes green-consciousness by creating SMMoA branded apparel and reusable gift bags made from recycled fabrics.

Santa Monica Place - Macerich (video)

SQA Grand Prize, 2017; Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2013

Recognized for design and development by the International Council of Shopping Centers, Santa Monica Place is located just steps fromthe Pacific Ocean and adjacent to Third Street Promenade in the heart of Santa Monica. The innovative “Clicks to Bricks initiative works with online retailers to develop their brands with a physical location at Santa Monica Place while still driving online sales. 

Santa Monica Place supports employees with cross-training opportunities.  Additionally, their 24 hour toll free Employee Assistance Line offers counseling and support in any area of their lives and immediate families.  Santa Monica Place partners with several local non-profits by providing financial, in-kind, or volunteer support. Santa Monica Place achieved US Green Building Council LEED Gold certification in building design and construction.  Features include solar panels, STEM energy storage and natural pest control.  To encourage employee engagement in environmental stewardship, Santa Monica Place hosted several “lunch and learns” led by Sustainable Works.

The Santa Monica Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center

Excellence in Economic Development and Stewardship of the Environment, 2020

Since 1954, The Santa Monica Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center has provided emotional, spiritual and social assistance to those who have lost the ability to cope and provide for themselves.  The Santa Monica Rehabilitation Center, with 59 inpatient beds, offers a variety of 6-12 month programs. Salvation Army chose the 100% renewable energy option via the Clean Power Alliance community choice provider via their Edison bill, upgraded all washer and dryers to Energy Star rated machines and replaced 220 fluorescent tubes with LEDs at no charge by working with the Sustainable Works team to achieve Santa Monica Green Business Certification. Salvation Army upgraded all water fixtures to high-efficiency flows at no cost; (10 toilets, 5 urinals and several faucet aerators) after signing up with the City of Santa Monica’s Water Neutrality Direct Install Program. They remained open for accepting item donations during a majority of the pandemic.  Recently, they expanded their services to include food recovery - salvaging edible items from Vons and Trader Joe's to get them to people in need.


Santa Monica Seafood

Excellence in Sustainable Economic Development, 2015

Santa Monica Seafood markets feature one of the largest selections of fresh fish, live shellfish, and frozen seafood in the Southwest. They helped found the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Sustainable Seafood Forum in 2005 and were the first distributor to receive Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) COC certification. SMSF’s STEP-UP program encourages employees to focus on four areas of productivity: Speed Trust Empowerment Positivity; through pursuing continuing education, travel, and activities of interest.

Schaffer's Genuine Foods

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2011

Schaffer's Genuine Foods provides Southern California with event catering services ranging from intimate dinners to large galas. Examples of their excellent Reduce and Recycle "close the loop" practices are: converting waste grease into biofuel via Further Products – who converts the by‐product of the biofuel, glycerin, into hand soaps, lotions and candles. Schaffer’s then buys back the glycerin products! They strive to send zero waste to landfills, currently diverting 80‐90% of waste amounting to nearly 15,000 pounds per year. They set up recycling and composting stations at all events – using only compostable food service containers (including paper straws and coffee stirrers) and utensils. By working with farmers, purveyors and suppliers, they work out strategies to limit the use of single use products. Schaffer's Genuine Foods makes every effort to source all food and supplies locally. By creating menus that are seasonal, approximately 70% of the food served comes from within 200 miles of Los Angeles. Environmental responsibility is an integral part of Schaffer’s company policy – offering reduced prices for environmental, social and fundraising events.

Sea Shore Motel

Honorable Mention, 2003; Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural and Built Environment, 2004

No additional information at this time

Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica

Excellence in Social Responsibility and Stewardship of the Natural Environment, 2010

Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica unites sustainable business practices with a contemporary hotel design aesthetic. The Kor Hotel Group's "Second Nature" mission laid the tracks for achieving Green Business Certification in 2008 (www.smgbc.org). Noteworthy retrofits include replacing standard landscape sprinklers with a 'Rain Bird' drip irrigation system. The Delfina is one of the first luxury hotels on the west coast to pioneer a non-toxic electrolyzed water cleaning agent made from tap water and salt. Integrated Pest Management strategies benefit indoor air quality. Their "Make a Green Choice" linen program exceeds other luxury hotels – offering guests financial incentives for opting-out of housekeeping services. Delfina strives to recruit local employees and has partnered with the Ocean Park and Pico Neighborhood Association to find qualified residents. Delfina is engaged in the Chamber’s Government and Environmental Affairs Committee, provides in-kind services and donates to numerous non-profits like Sustainable Works, Meals on Wheels and AIDS Lifecycle.

Shore Hotel

Grand Prize, 2023; Excellence in Economic Development and Stewardship of the Environment, 2022; SQA Grand Prize, 2015; Excellence in Social Responsibility and Stewardship of the Environment, 2014

The Shore Hotel is a bright and airy space with eco-conscious accommodations and modern amenities, located just steps from the Santa Monica Pier.  With their mission centering around sustainability, it shows that being sustainable is a foundation of their business model and integrated throughout the hotel experience. Every aspect of the hotel has been designed to reduce the consumption of natural resources including procurement of local recycled materials, along with reusing many salvaged ones from the building's pre-existing site. With Shore Hotel being the first property in Santa Monica to achieve a LEED Gold Certification in 2012, they are able to achieve a 43% carbon footprint reduction compared to an average hotel of similar size. They help further staff careers by offering tuition reimbursement and prioritizing promotions from within. The Shore has excellent philanthropic activities with a variety of organizations including many local schools, where they donate rooms and make additional financial contributions. They also donate 100% of the old furniture such as beds, linens, and nightstands to charitable organizations.

Southern California Disposal and Recycling Company

Special Recognition, 1996

No additional information at this time


Excellence in Sustainable Economic Development, 2015

SP Plus is a diverse provider of professional parking, ground transportation, facility maintenance, security and event logistics services. One of their most popular services is offering a free bike valet for special events. 22,000 bikes were parked in 2013, and 30,000 in 2014. SP Plus prides on investing in employees. They offer monthly incentive programs that focus on a new operational topic, ranging from recycling to punctuality, encouraging a positive working environment while completing daily tasks.

Step Up on Second

Honorable Mention, 2004

Step Up on Second, a non-profit serving individuals with mental illnesses, print their newsletters on recycled content paper using soy- based ink. They purchase fresh produce from local markets for their in-house meals and catering program and have comprehensive recycling and composting programs. Efficient lighting and water saving devices are installed facility wide.

St. Monica Catholic Community

Excellence in Social Responsibility, 2015

St. Monica Catholic Community provides spiritual growth and guidance opportunities, worship, prayer and fellowship, support to individuals in need, as well as sacramental celebrations, Catholic education, and volunteer opportunities. They offer compressed work weeks, and telecommuting to most employees. Benefits include health insurance, retirement, and free meals. In addition to access to free spiritual guidance and financial assistance, St. Monica’s offers free use of the facilities to their employees for events, like birthdays and weddings.

Studio of Environmental Architecture

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment, 2009

The work of David Hertz, FAIA, Architects Inc, and S.E.A., (Studio of Environmental Architecture), focuses on the design and construction of environmentally responsible residential and commercial buildings. David Hertz, FAIA, LEED AP, founded the practice in 1983 as Syndesis where he developed the material Syndecrete®. Studio of Environmental Architecture has particular experience in the practice and incorporation of sustainable and resource efficient design principles in its built work. S.E.A.'s office uses 40% less energy than an average office its size. Integrated energy efficient design like dimmable electronic fluorescent fixtures and occupancy (motion) sensors, ensure lights used at minimum. Green building highlights include a "green" roof with drought tolerant succulent plants and solar panels. Other sustainable business operations range from recycling some construction and demolition waste locally -via neighboring plumbing supply store- and promoting alternative transportation by storing an electric bicycle onsite for employee use.


Grand Prize, 2022

SweisKloss is a full-service boutique firm specializing in building design, interior design and construction. Residential projects include ground-up new build homes, additions, and full renovations. Their mission emphasizes the triple bottom line and addresses people, planet, and profit. SweisKloss’ employee benefits programs are more than what one might expect from a smaller company including profit sharing, employee training, teambuilding, employee empowerment, and local hiring to ensure a sustainable workforce. As a certified Green Business, they go above and beyond recycling by sourcing repurposed and upcycled materials. Their office environment boasts natural light, soft music, and dog-friendly office. SweisKloss collaborates with Santa Monica companies to support local economy.  They recently hosted a friendly CANstruction competition where participating local firms set to “out-creative” one another for a good cause. Each team built a sculpture out of non-perishable foods.  The result was three giant sculptures made of food donated to the Westside Food Bank and Meals on Wheels West.

Syndesis, Inc.

Sustainable Quality Award, 1998

No additional information at this time