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Who is eligible to apply for a Sustainable Quality Award?

The Sustainable Quality Awards Programs is open to businesses that are:

  • In operation for at least two years prior to nomination deadline
  • Employing at least two Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees
  • Business must be located within the City of Santa Monica with active Santa Monica business license
  • In compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations
  • Have not won a SQA Grand Prize within 5 years
How do I apply for a Sustainable Quality Award?

Complete and submit a Nomination Form for your business. You can self-nominate your business or have someone else nominate you. Once your business is verified to be eligible, you will be notified and invited to complete and submit a detailed Application that illustrates how your company demonstrates sustainable business practices in each of the three categories: Economic Development, Social Responsibility, and Stewardship of the Natural Environment. Detailed answers must be provided for each of the specific questions related to all three categories.

When is the deadline to apply for a Sustainable Quality Award?

Please check the most current Timeline for application deadline. 

Can I get assistance with writing my Sustainable Quality Award application?

An Application Workshop will be conducted to provide guidance and tips on how to best answer each question and what supporting documentation to include. For the upcoming dates and times for the workshop, please check the Timeline page. 

There are also examples from previous winners posted on Application Process page.

To be connected with a past SQA winner mentor, please contact Susy Borlido at susy.borlido@sustainableworks.org.

What are the benefits of my business winning a Sustainable Quality Award?

In addition to receiving a Sustainable Quality Award trophy, winning businesses receive special recognition and media attention to highlight their success as a model business. Award-winning businesses will receive:

  • Recognition by City Council members and community stakeholders at the renowned SQA Annual Luncheon Ceremony.
  • Coverage in local publications, such as BUSINESS Santa Monica, Santa Monica Daily Press, Santa Monica Mirror, Time Warner Cable, and City TV.
  • Access to SQA logo and promotional material to include in marketing efforts.
  • Highlighted presence in Sustainable Santa Monica Newsletter, presentations and on Green Business Tours.
Is there only one SQA issued annually?

No, all applicants that score enough points can win an Excellence Award in 1-2 categories or a Grand Prize Award for scoring "Excellence" in all 3 categories.

Winning SQA Grand Prize: Businesses submitting completed applications in all  three categories, and score enough points to win “Excellence” in all three categories receive an SQA Grand Prize award.

Winning SQA Excellence Award: Businesses submitting completed applications in only one or two of the categories,  and score enough points to win “Excellence” receive an Excellence Award for the related categories.

My business previously won a Sustainable Quality Award, can I apply again?

Past Grand Prize Award winners may not apply for the SQA Grand Prize Award within five years,

However, previous Excellence Award winners can apply for the SQA Grand Prize Award or an Excellence Award within five years. For example, if you won a previous Excellence Award in Social Responsibility, you may apply for a Grand Prize or an Excellence Award in Stewardship of the Natural Environment or Sustainable Economic Development.

How are Sustainable Quality Awards winners selected?

All applications submitted are evaluated and scored by the Judging Committee, an independent panel of nine qualified professionals representing the City of Santa Monica, Chamber of Commerce and Community, with expertise in economics, business management, strategic planning, organizational development, human resources, environmental policy, and green building.

A team of three judges review and score each of the three categories. The judging process includes guidelines and a detailed timeline. For more details, see the Application Process page.

How can I get assistance with implementing sustainable measures at my workplace?

Sustainable Works, a non-profit partner, offers a Green Business Program that provides the step-by-step tools and resources businesses need for sustainable solutions. Contact Sustainable Works at (310) 458-8716 x2 or visit www.smgbc.org