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Thank you for sharing the Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Awards (SQAs) event with your community! We appreciate you spreading the word to any individuals or groups you feel would benefit from attending our event.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to spread the word about the SQAs. Simply copy and paste any of the language below for your distribution opportunities, blog, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter promotion. 

To learn more about the Sustainable Quality Awards and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us. 

Sample Social Media Posts - Sponsors

  • As a proud sponsor of #SantaMonica's SQA, we are committed to recognizing local businesses that excel at sustainable #economicdevelopment! Join us by showing your support this April 26th! #SMSQA
  • Join us in awarding #SantaMonica's model, eco-friendly businesses at the 23rd Annual SQA on April 26th! For more info, please visit www.smsqa.com #SMSQA

Sample Social Media Posts - Exhibitors

  • Visit our exhibit at the annual SQA, held at @LeMeridienDelfinaHotelSantaMonica, on April 26th. Register now at www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • We are proud to honor business leaders in #SantaMonica's #sustainability community that are committed to #socialresponsibility. www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • Stop by our table at Santa Monica's SQA on April 26th! Learn more about #SantaMonica's most prestigous, #sustainablebusiness award at www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • #SantaMonica's annual SQA is just days away! Don't forget to register at www.smsqa.com and experience our exhibit. #SMSQA

Sample Social Media Posts - Attendees 

  • The 23rd Annual Sustainable Quality Awards ceremony will be held on April 26th at the world class, @LeMeridienDelfinaHotelSantaMonica www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • I just bought my ticket for #SantaMonica's 23rd Annual SQA, have you? Register at www.smsqa.com to reserve your spot today! #SMSQA
  • Celebrate environmental excellence at #SantaMonica's upcoming Sustainable Quality Awards this April 26th. Hope to see you there! #SMSQA

Sample Social Media Post - Committee

  • Did you know #SantaMonica has hosted the Sustainable Quality Awards since 1996? Register for this year's SQA now at www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • Don't miss out on #SantaMonica's annual SQA! Buy your ticket today at www.smsqa.com #SMSQA 
  • The 23rd Annual SQA promotes the efforts of business that nuture #SantaMonica's health economy and environment. Learn more and register before April 26th at www.smsqa.com #SMSQA
  • #SantaMonica's annual SQA ceremony is only weeks away! Please visit www.smsqa.com for more info. #SMSQA
  • Get to know #SantaMonica's sustainable business community at the 23rd Annual SQA on April 26th! www.smsqa.com
  • Join us in honoring #SantaMonica's eco-friendly business leaders and their commitment to #socialresponsibility at the annual SQA on April 26th! #SMSQA
  • Stay updated on upcoming events including #SantaMonica's Sustainable Quality Awards this April 20th by following us on Instagram at @SMChamber!

Suggested Hashtags and Handles

  • #SMSQA
  • #SantaMonica
  • @SMChamber
  • @SustainableSM
  • @SustainableWorks