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Application Process

  • After you have been nominated, you are eligible to apply
  • To apply, complete and submit an application online. Click on "Apply" in the top menu. 
  • See Application Workshop Presentation for additional background and details.
  • Attach supporting documents, videos and business logo
  • Submit by February 12, 2019 at 11:59pm

Winners will be announced by March 18, 2019. All applicants are invited to attend the SQA Ceremony on April 30, 2019 at 11:00am. Winners receive 2 complimentary tickets and other great benefits

    Applications are only supported with Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Recommend use is Chrome and Firefox.

    Award Categories

    Excellence Awards

    • Sustainable Economic Development
      • Commitment to the long-term economic sustainability of your operations and the local and regional economy
    • Social Responsibility
      • Commitment to sustaining human resources within your organization and local community
    • Stewardship of the Natural Environment
      • Commitment to sustaining resources in the natural environment

    The Grand Prize Award
    Demonstrates excellences in all 3 areas Sustainable Economic Development, Social Responsibility, and Stewardship of the Natural Environment

    Successful applications will demonstrate excellence in the following ways:

    Innovation: The business demonstrates leadership in sustainability by being among the first in the Santa Monica area to create or adopt a more sustainable strategy, method, process, procedure or technology.

    Commitment: The business participates in a comprehensive or significantly greater number or degree of sustainable practices than the typical business in its industry.

    Documented Results: The business reports the measureable results of its adoption of sustainable practices, such reduction of energy use or number of internships created for youth and/or underrepresented members of the community. Businesses should also describe realized benefits such as cost savings or an increase in sales.

    SQA applicants are encouraged to include supporting material as attachments to their applications. This may include existing company literature, photographs and other graphic materials illustrating key points.

    Examples of supporting materials to include:

    • Company or employee manual
    • Utility bills
    • Details of renovations or retrofits
    • Purchasing and environmental policies
    • List of charitable donations (in-kind or monetary)

    Previous Winners’ Applications

    For more help filling out the application form, please review submissions from previous winners (posted with permission)

    Application Assistance and Mentors


    For more information or assistance in the application process, please contact:

    Matt Stauffer
    Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
    (310)393-9825 x116

    To be connected with a Past Winner Mentor, please contact:

    Susy Borlido
    Sustainable Works